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Becoming Exceptional; the Certificate Course for Kids

20 Lessons

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20 Lessons in Becoming Exceptional; the Certificate Course for Kids:

Welcome to the Program, Young Jedi!

What is this Program?

Are you an Exceptional Kid?

Never Too Young to Start

Checklist: Let's Set Goals

Shall We Begin?

Creating a Character... Creating 'Me'.

Let's Make Our Action Plans

Turning Words into Action

Worksheet: I Challenge You!

The World Has Your Back!

You are NEVER Alone - Find Your Supporters

Choose Your 'People'

Copy, Paste, Practise!

Education is Important!

Empowering Yourself

Learning to be Positive!

Be Brave, Be Kind & Share Your Voice

Take Breaks Sometimes

When You Fail, You Win

The Continuous Hero

Repeat Actions & Develop Habits

Share Your Journey

Teacher Emil is Here for You!

"I Promise"... the Pledge